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Greg Lopez

Greg Lopez is a research fellow with the Murdoch University Executive Education Centre, a fellow at the Asia Research Centre and a member of the Centre for Responsible Citizenship and Sustainability, both at Murdoch University’s School of Management and Governance in Perth, Western Australia. He also holds an ongoing visiting fellowship at the Department of Political and Social Change, College of Asia and the Pacific at the Australian National University.

Dr Lopez holds a PhD in economics from the Australian National University and his research interests are in understanding the links between individuals, institutions and economic growth. He is particularly interested in the political economy and institutional arrangements of countries “stuck in the middle income trap” in the Indo-Pacific region and Australia’s relationship with these economies.

Articles by Greg Lopez (2)

  • Malaysian PM Najib Razak strengthens hold on power

    Najib Razak's term as prime minister of Malaysia is now in its seventh year and there is every reason to believe he will continue to lead Malaysia for a long while yet. Najib Razak withVladimir Putin at the Russia-ASEAN Summit on May 19 (Photo: Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images) Given his scandal-ridden tenure, this is a remarkable outlook, one enabled by the sidelining of opponents, an illiberal electoral system, a divided opposition, and civil leadership that took a wrong turn. As unlikely as it se
  • Najib Razak: Malaysian PM has diminishing room to manoeuvre

    Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak's scandal-linked tenure has continued unabated but now his foes from various sides of the political divide have coalesced to pressure him to resign. This latest unified effort to unseat him could push him over the edge.  International media last year pronounced Najib 'a dead man walking' after he admitted to an allegation — of having more than $700 million in his private account — made by the Wall Street Journal.