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  • Reader riposte: China is not seeking to dominate

    Kien Choong writes: I wonder if Crispin Rovere speaks authoritatively as an expert in Chinese history or is simply pontificating. My modest understanding of Chinese history is that China has rarely been militarily dominant outside its borders, with much of its history trying to keep the 'barbarians' out including by bribing them rather than trying to dominate. Indeed, China was twice ruled by non-Han dynasties.
  • Reader riposte: In defence of China's air-defence zone

    Michael Li responds to Jerry Nockles' article: The claim that the greatest danger of China's rise is miscalculation is correct, but surely the creation of an air defence identification zone (ADIZ) adds, rather than subtracts, the transparency that is necessary to build up a mutually acceptable level of trust between China, its neighbours, and the United States.
  • Keep the commitment to PNG

    Jenny Hayward-Jones is Director of the Lowy Institute's Myer Foundation Melanesia Program, and Danielle Romanes is a Lowy Institute research associate. In her 2011 address at the Lowy Institute, then shadow Foreign Minister Julie Bishop remarked that 'As each year passes, Australia loses part of a generation of people with a deep knowledge and connection to PNG from its pre-independence days.' In 2013 this statement has unfortunately never been more true. The relationship subsists off sporadic
  • How effective are Indonesia's efforts to stop asylum seekers?

    Dr Antje Missbach is the McKenzie Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne. This piece draws on data she collected during 11 months of fieldwork in Indonesia in 2012-13. Indonesia's decision to suspend police cooperation aimed at keeping asylum seekers away from Australia has created fears that more asylum seekers might be arriving.
  • China-Taiwan diplomatic rivalry gives way to new maturity

    Philippa Brant is a Lowy Institute Research Associate. Gambia recently announced it had terminated diplomatic ties with Taiwan after eighteen years. This marks the first diplomatic ally Taiwan has lost since Malawi in December 2007, and leaves Taipei with only 22 states with which it has an official relationship.
  • Time for Iran to reach out to Israel

    Christopher Johnston is a fellow at Georgetown University's Institute for the Study of Diplomacy and a graduate of the Royal Military College, Duntroon. Officials are hailing an interim agreement to halt or reverse key aspects of the Iranian nuclear program. Negotiations have concluded with unusual speed, amid some goodwill on both sides. In addition to the main conference, Iranian officials have met separately with their American counterparts in bilateral meetings.
  • Israel's opposition to a nuclear deal with Iran doesn't make sense

    Dina Esfandiary is an Iran specialist and a Research Associate in the Non-proliferation and Disarmament program at the International Institute for Strategic Studies. Israel is the loudest of the dissenting voices over the potential deal with Iran. But it stands to lose the most if no agreement is reached.  Another round of negotiations began with Iran in Geneva this week.