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Jay Song

Dr Jay Song was formerly a Research Fellow and Director of the Migration and Border Policy Project and a Global Ethics Fellow at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, New York. Before joining the Institute, she was an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Singapore Management University, UN consultant to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Associate Fellow at Chatham House and post-doc researcher at the Centre on Migration Policy and Society in Oxford. Jiyoung holds a PhD in politics from the University of Cambridge.

Articles by Jay Song (13)

  • The migration-security nexus in Asia and Australia (part 1)

    This five-part series explains the spiral processes of insecurity-migration-security in the Australia-Asia context. Part 1 argues unless the insecurity concerns are addressed, these spirals will continue with unwanted consequences for both migrants and hosting countries. A regional approach to migration is needed, as individual countries cannot solve the problems. Vietnamese refugees arrive in Darwin, December 1977.
  • Why a prosperous nation needs migration

    Australia's population reached 24 million in the very early hours of Tuesday, 16 February, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. In response, former Foreign Minister Bob Carr has called for the government to cut its immigration intake by as much as 50%. Mr Carr's response reflects frustration about the growing immigrant population and the subsequent pressure on housing, transportation and other element of daily life. Of course, he is hardly alone in such concerns.