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Mereoni Chung

Mereoni is completing a Masters in Applied Anthropology and Participatory Development at ANU. She has worked as the project support officer for the Citizens’ Constitutional Forum (CCF) and a young women’s officer at the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement (FWRM). Mereoni has a keen interest in Fijian politics, advocating for political participation and democracy, particularly for youth and women. Is founding member of Fiji Youth for Democracy - a youth network, promoting and creating safe spaces for young Fijians to engage in Fiji’s political and developmental landscape. She is also a co-administrator of Letters to the Editor Uncensored, a facebook discussion forum established under Fiji’s media censorship environment to promote media freedom, access to critical views, and open political debate.

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  • Through social media, Fiji's youth challenge the political elite

    Earlier this month, six Fijians were questioned and later detained by the Fiji Police at Suva’s Central Police Station. Three were leaders of prominent political parties and the group included two former prime ministers, a party member, an NGO leader, and a trade unionist. They were detained after taking part in a panel discussion hosted by a Suva-based NGO to discuss views critical of Fiji’s 2013 Constitution.