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Michael Heazle

Dr Michael Heazle is Professor of International Relations (adjunct) with the Griffith Asia Institute and with the Department of British and American Studies at the Kyoto University of Foreign Studies.

From 1992 to 2000, Dr Heazle was a regular contributor to the Far Eastern Economic Review, and wrote for a number of other domestic and international media publications including The Asian Wall Street Journal, The Australian, and The Japan Times. Since receiving his PhD (Griffith) in 2003, Dr Heazle has researched and published in the areas of energy, human, and environmental security; policy making and the treatment of specialist advice; China-Japan relations, and Australia-Japan Relations.

Articles by Michael Heazle (12)

  • Whaling: Japan does conduct research

    I thank Mr Watson for his response to my recent post. Unfortunately, space doesn't allow me to respond in kind to everything he has said, so in my final response I'll focus on the following: 1. I'll begin by affording Mr Watson the same qualifier he graciously afforded me. That is, he has a right to his opinion like everyone else. His claim that Japan's scientific whaling is commercial and therefore in violation of the Southern Ocean Sanctuary is, in his opinion, 'as simple as simple gets'.
  • Whaling: Watson and Goldrick are both wrong

    While I certainly support Rear Admiral Goldrick's condemnation of Sea Shepherd's actions in the Antarctic, I do not agree with either his representation of Japan's whaling ambitions or the link he makes between whaling and Japan's territorial tensions with China. Japan's refusal to stop whaling is about much more than only the minority interests the Rear Admiral alludes to, while the connection he draws between the Southern Ocean protests and China-Japan tensions is based on a narrow characteris