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Priya Ravichandran

Priya Ravichandran is a member of the The Takshashila Institution. She writes regularly on Myanmar, its politics and foreign policy, Balochistan, and on gender issues in India. Her writing has appeared in Livemint, Business Standard, and Pragati -The National Interest Review. She also has a blog - Aequalis - on the Indian National Interest Platform. Her essays are a part of the book Distance from Delhi.Priya has previously taught Race, Class, Gender in US, and Introduction to Politics at William Paterson University. She has a Graduate Certificate in Public Policy from Takshashila Institution and a Masters in International Affairs and Public Policy from William Paterson University.



Articles by Priya Ravichandran (1)

  • Recasting Myanmar's foreign policy

    This week Myanmar’s newly elected democratic government presided over by Suu Kyi will begin its term. The transition has been relatively stable so far, with the military and USDP apparently aware that any untoward incident could trigger international opprobrium. The desire to earn the world’s trust and subsequent investment while moving out of China's shadow has been a major motivating factor in Myanmar's tentative embrace of democracy.