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Rhys Thompson

Rhys Thompson is an independent consultant based in Myanmar who provides strategic risk advisory services for private sector clients, including MNCs and international risk management firms. Rhys has worked in Myanmar in both diplomatic and private sector capacities since 2010 and has experience conducting in-depth targeted research and bespoke security and political risk assessments.

Articles by Rhys Thompson (15)

  • How Myanmar's presidency will be won (part 1)

    In October, the Chairman of Myanmar's Union Election Commission, U Tin Aye, announced that Myanmar's next elections would occur as planned in either October or November 2015. This is reassuring to many in Myanmar, especially after the 2014 by-elections were cancelled.  It is also good news for those with their eyes on the presidency. National League for Democracy supporters (Flickr/Alan C.)
  • In defence of my Unity Journal critique

    Ordinarily, I would welcome comments on my work by highly regarded counter-proliferation policy commentators such as Jeffrey Lewis and Catherine Dill, whose work I have read on Arms Control Wonk. Indeed, they have devoted much time to the Unity Journal allegations and I could apologise for not citing their commentaries alongside those by Andrew Selth and John Arterbury. The authors are usually attentive to the small details, which lends a particular authority to their analyses.
  • Myanmar: The state of the media

    My previous Interpreter post on media freedom in Myanmar examined the Unity Journal case, focusing on commonly ignored faults in the article and the illegality of the journalists' behaviour. It also noted the severity of the punishment the journalists received. This piece takes a broader look at Myanmar's media landscape.
  • Myanmar: Media freedom and the 'Unity Journal' case

    The 'Unity Journal' case in Myanmar has been cited as an example of media freedom under threat and as proof that reforms are slowing down. The case began with an article published in Unity Journal in early 2014, which claimed that a named defence facility was really a chemical weapons factory. The Government denied the report, claiming the accusations were baseless and highlighting that it relied only on comments from 'locals'.
  • Myanmar: Aung San Suu Kyi and the constitution

    Myanmar's Constitutional Amendment Implementation Committee recently voted down a bid to change Article 59(f) of Myanmar's 2008 Constitution, which prevents Aung San Suu Kyi (ASSK) from running for  president because of her 'allegiance to a foreign power' (she was married to a British citizen and her children are British citizens). This topic has already received attention on The Interpreter from Elliot Brennan and Andrew Selth.
  • Can Myanmar escape corruption?

    In February 2014 the Myanmar Government appointed the Anti-Corruption Commission to address official corruption and graft. The Commission, mandated by the 2013 Anti-Corruption Act, is considered part of the third phase of Myanmar's planned reforms. The latest initiative is timely. So far this year, there have been several reports and related allegations of corruption in the judicial sector.