Ron Huisken

Dr. Ron Huisken is current editor of CSCAP’s Regional Security Outlook and an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Strategic & Defence Studies Centre, ANU. He has had a distinguished career in foreign affairs working as a Research Fellow at SIPRI (1968-70 &1972-76), Assistant Lecturer with the University of Malaya (1970-72), Visiting Fellow in SDSC, ANU (1976-77), Political Affairs Officer at the UN Department of Disarmament Affairs (1979-81), analyst with the Joint Intelligence Organisation (1981-83), Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (1985-95) where he was the Deputy Chief of Mission at the Australian Embassy in Bonn. Before returning to the ANU in 2001, Ron was the Director-General of Alliance Policy in the Department of Defence (1995-2001). Ron holds a BEc (Hons, First Class) from the University of Western Australia, a MSSc in economics from the Royal Stockholm University and a PhD in international relations from the ANU.

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