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Ross White-Chinnery

Ross White-Chinnery is a writer with an academic background in international relations and a lifetime’s experience of first-hand observation of a critical period in the Indo-Pacific region’s evolving political economy. Raised in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia, he has studied, worked and travelled through East and South East Asia as well as Eastern Europe writing on subjects ranging from trade & logistics, city planning, aviation and defence matters.  

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  • Comfort women far from comforted by Seoul-Tokyo agreement

    The historic deal reached by Seoul and Tokyo last month on the so-called 'Comfort Women' issue is an important step forward for the two East Asia neighbours. Such is the symbolism that even in the midst of consultations about Pyongyang’s nuclear test, Barack Obama was keen to extend his congratulations to each country’s leader. One may as well focus on the symbolism, for the actual terms of the agreement don’t amount to much.