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Shashank Joshi

Shashank Joshi is a Senior Research Fellow of the Royal United Services Institute, London.

Articles by Shashank Joshi (48)

  • Understanding Boris Johnson's call to protest Russia

    On Tuesday, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson made an unusual suggestion during his debut appearance at the House of Commons as a representative of the government. 'I would certainly like to see demonstrations outside the Russian embassy', he said, in agreement with a Labour Party MP who had raised the idea in a debate on Aleppo. This remark (though a small part of his overall message on Syria, on which he has struck an increasingly robust tone) was roundly scorned. 
  • India's strategic restraint on Kashmir

    Two weeks on from the worst attack on Indian soldiers in Kashmir for decades, the dust is starting to settle. Many Indian politicians, press, and analysts had struck a relentlessly hostile note, demanding that New Delhi take (in their view) long overdue military action against the Pakistani terrorists who routinely conduct cross-border attacks, and the Pakistan Army's intelligence service, which has for decades aided and abetted them.
  • Picking Pakistan's next top general

    Some people collect stamps, others play golf; Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif picks army chiefs. It’s a perilous hobby. If things go smoothly, in November Sharif will be required to pick the country’s top general for the sixth time in his career, which has involved previous stints as premier in 1990-93 and 1990-97.
  • Kashmir uprising threatens the 'idea of India'

    Just under eighteen months ago, Kashmir looked to be at a turning point. State elections in 2014 produced an unlikely coalition of hawks from the ruling BJP and doves from the local PDP. The BJP had historically taken a tough approach to Kashmir, while the PDP had been more sympathetic to Kashmiri grievances.