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Tony Brennan

Tony Brennan has been Deputy High Commissioner to Australia since August 2012. Prior to that he was Chargé d’Affaires at the British Embassy in Khartoum, Sudan, from April 2012 after being Deputy Head of Mission in Khartoum from July 2010.

Tony was Deputy High Commissioner in Tanzania (2004 – 2009) and has also served as the Head of Zimbabwe Section (2002 – 2004), in the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2002) and as an advisor in the Office of the President of the Czech Republic (2002).

Before joining the Foreign Office, Tony was a Sport Development Officer (Voluntary Services Overseas, 1993 – 1994), a teacher in Zimbabwe (1992) and also worked as a Systems Engineer for IBM UK (1988 – 1991).

Tony has an MA in Mathematics from Oxford University and can speak and write in both French and Czech to an extensive level.

Tony has a keen interest in cricket, and is married.

Articles by Tony Brennan (1)

  • Crimea's referendum is not free, not fair

    Tony Brennan is Acting British High Commissioner, Canberra. There's been a lot of talk about referendums in recent days. The vote taking place in Crimea this weekend has drawn widespread international criticism, including from UK Foreign Secretary William Hague and Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop at AUKMIN on Tuesday. But some people have likened the Crimea vote to the referendums in Scotland later this year and in the Falkland Islands a year ago this week.