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Trish Nicholson

Trish Nicholson has 30 years experience writing stories and narrative non-fiction as columnist, feature writer for national media, and author of works on responsible tourism, and development. Her more recent books cover travelogue, popular science and the craft of writing. She has travelled and worked all over the world and spent 20 years on development implementation and research, mostly in the Asia-Pacific region. Trish has a PhD in social anthropology (culture change), an MSc in Rural Development, an MA in anthropology, and a post-graduate Diploma in Public Administration. She is the author of Inside the Crocodile: the Papua New Guinea Journals – a ‘popular’ memoir of daily realities of development in West Sepik Province and elsewhere in PNG, based on her 5-years within the provincial administration working in remote outstations and districts.

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  • The importance of stories in development

    Since novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie warned of the 'danger of a single story' in her 2009 TED talk (text at the link; video above), the issue has become more pressing. Numbing global statistics – 38 million people displaced, 800 million without enough food, thousands of refugees dying at sea – too easily generate a political rhetoric of fear of being swamped by migrants in perpetual need.