Earlier this month, Myer Melanesia Program Director Jenny Hayward Jones released a new paper, Big Enough for all of us: Geo-Strategic Competition in the Pacific Islands, challenging assumptions about what China is up to in the Pacific.

Jenny's work drew on the research of Dr Philippa Brant, a new Lowy Institute Research Associate, whose PhD thesis closely examined China's aid program in the Pacific.

Above, Jenny and Philippa discuss what kind of donor China is (0:31), with Philippa saying that, despite the high figures often quoted for Chinese aid, one needs to view them in comparison with other donors. For example, between 2006-2011, China spent approx $850 million on aid, compared to Australia's $4.8 billion. Jenny and Philippa also cover the likelihood of an increase in Chinese aid (1:48) and the possibility for Australia-US-China aid cooperation (2:30).