Saturday 24 Feb 2018 | 17:31 | SYDNEY
Saturday 24 Feb 2018 | 17:31 | SYDNEY

DFAT's tidy new website



5 February 2010 13:57

A colleague points me to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's redesigned website. This is a welcome change, as the new site certainly is easier on the eye. Frequent users should drop me a line to let me know whether it is more user-friendly as well.

One man who will be watching this development with great interest is former Executive Director of the Lowy Institute, Allan Gyngell, now heading the Office of National Assessments (ONA). I'm sure Allan scarcely needs reminding that, in November 2008, he took to The Interpreter to ask, 'does ONA have the most boring Australian government website?'

Now, rumint has it that ONA is in the process of tarting up its dreadful website, but still, I'm a little surprised that this nimble little organisation has been caught flat-footed by DFAT.

Photo by Flickr user superciliousness, used under a Creative Commons license.

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