Thursday 22 Feb 2018 | 19:31 | SYDNEY
Thursday 22 Feb 2018 | 19:31 | SYDNEY

The Donald gets trumped



17 July 2008 13:21

Unlike Kate Langbroek, who confesses her devotion to American TV satirist Stephen Colbert in The Age today, I've tended to think that Colbert has gone off the boil lately. His Colbert Report (pronounced Col-bear Re-pore) started as a pitch-perfect demolition of right wing TV blowhards like Bill O'Reilly (who Colbert calls 'Papa bear') and Sean Hannity. Clearly that joke was wearing thin, and in trying to broaden the Colbert character, The Colbert Report began simply to resemble a less cutting version of its sister program, The Daily Show.

But having just seen this clip from a recent show, I may have to revise that view.


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