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Tuesday 11 Dec 2018 | 18:46 | SYDNEY
Tuesday 11 Dec 2018 | 18:46 | SYDNEY

Donald Trump's reality-show campaign



16 May 2016 15:31

Given how often we're now hearing about the parallels between Donald Trump's campaign and reality television (even President Obama is discussing it), it's worth highlighting this brilliant two-and-a-half minute evisceration of The Apprentice, the show Trump fronted for 14 seasons. It's a 2009 sketch by the British comedy duo Mitchell & Webb:

Incidentally, by presenting this video I don't mean to dismiss Trump or his methods. In fact, Trump's ability to persuade Americans has been disastrously under-estimated up to this point, something which the cartoonist Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) has been writing about on his blog for some time. He's well worth following.

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