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Wednesday 21 Feb 2018 | 08:21 | SYDNEY
Wednesday 21 Feb 2018 | 08:21 | SYDNEY

Dutch food for our boys in the 'ghan



9 June 2009 14:28

I'm about a week late to offer comment, but as a devotee of Dutch junk food, I couldn't let this story pass. Apparently, Australian troops are dissatisfied with the plain food being served by Dutch military cooks at their shared base in Oruzgan province.

As someone who has crossed the cultural boundary from Dutch life to Australia, I find this completely understandable. Thanks to a huge variety of low cost produce and an open immigration system, Australians have developed incredibly diverse (and, it seems, demanding) palates. The Dutch are lucky to have their Indonesia connection (next time you're in Holland, try a rijsttafel), but on the whole, they like their food simple, so our troops probably got little more than meat and three veg.

One thing that can be said for Dutch cuisine is that it is quite inventive when it comes to junk food, and there's one dish in particular which might have won over a few diggers and been appropriate for the mission. It's called 'patatje oorlog', which basically means 'Chips, war-style'. The picture pretty much explains the name — there's a lot of what resembles battlefield carnage in this dish. 

The ingredients are: a serve of chips ('fries' for our North American readers) topped with mayo, saté sauce (there's that Indonesia connection again) and raw diced onion. Mmmmmm.

Photo courtesy of simplyjacy.com.

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