Marty Harris is the Lowy Institute's Assistant Digital Editor.

Prime Minister Rudd's new look Ministry, announced today, includes for the first time a Minister for International Development. Former human rights lawyer Melissa Parke has been named for the position.

Considering the rise in Australia's aid budget, the change in title from 'parliamentary secretary' to 'minister' is not surprising.

What is surprising is that Rudd's new ministry does not include a 'Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on the Asian Century'. Following the release of Australia and the Asian Century White Paper at the Lowy Institute in October 2012, Prime Minister Gillard appointed then Trade Minister Craig Emerson to assist her on delivering the objectives of the White Paper. Emerson quit the Ministry last week, and it appears his Asian Century role has not been filled.

Is this a soon to be corrected oversight (similar to the lack of the words 'tertiary education' in the Gillard Ministry announced following the 2010 election)? Or does it signify something else?

Image courtesy of the Australian Government.