Regular readers of James Fallows' blog will know of his affection for the Chinese Communist Party's English language mouthpiece, China Daily, which he wrily refers to as 'the world's finest newspaper' for its ceaseless coverage of the party's many wondrous achievements.

I couldn't help but think of this during my recent short visit to Bahrain, when each morning I opened my hotel room door to find a complimentary copy of the Gulf Daily News ('The voice of Bahrain'). Above are photos I took of the front page for the three days I was in the country, with each cover story given over to good news about Bahrain's progress, peppered liberally with quotes from the king and prime minister.

There does not appear to be an 'About' page on the Gulf Daily News' website, but at least according to Wikipedia, the paper is not state-owned and apparently its pro-government line has slackened in recent years.