• The 2012 Global Think Tank Index is out, with the Lowy Institute ranked 44th out of 1647 think tanks nominated worldwide.
  • Mali is not Afghanistan and an Islamist take-over would have local but not global consequences.
  • US Secretary of State-nominee John Kerry's statement to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, in which he mentions China in passing just once...
  • South Korea thinks Pyongyang's upcoming nuclear test will be a small one. That's not a good thing.
  • One of the world's deadliest, most expensive and weirdest looking warships is taking shape.
  • Gordon Brown makes a rare post-prime ministerial appearance, arguing for globally coordinated economic policy and more stimulus.
  • Malcolm Turnbull rings in Australia Day (tomorrow):

    Our approach respects cultural diversity by seeking civic integration, of which English language and a national curriculum are key elements, rather than cultural assimilation in which migrants are expected to cease to be themselves.

    This diversity has immensely enriched Australia – and not just in culinary terms. The histories and culture of all the peoples of Australia are open to us all, and like insinuating threads weave themselves into the tapestry of our nation, making us not simply heirs to the culture of our own forebears but to those of our neighbours too.

    All of this makes Australians ideal global citizens...