Thursday 24 Jan 2019 | 10:01 | SYDNEY
Thursday 24 Jan 2019 | 10:01 | SYDNEY

Friday links: D Day, green progress, Iraqi jets, civil wars, world leaders and more



6 June 2014 10:20

With our usual Friday India links feature on hiatus, herewith some general-interest international policy reading from around the web.

  • Is this really a priority for Iraq? Lockheed Martin delivers new fighter jets to the Iraqi air force.
  • Bloomberg Newsweek is taking Piketty-mania a little too far.
  • China's government has a high degree of domestic control, compared to democracies. So why does it suffer a comparable terrorist problem?
  • The latest round of speculation that Brazil is joining the ranks of countries with nuclear-powered submarines. They never seem to quite get there...
  • But here's some good news from Brazil, on the environmental front: deforestation is sharply down.
  • 'Nowadays both the Australian Government and the population are much less tolerant of its nationals going abroad to fight someone else's war.' Rodger Shanahan draws parallels between the Spanish Civil War and the Syrian conflict.
  • South Sea Conversations is a blog to keep an eye on.
  • An FT podcast wraps up recent dramatic movement in global climate change policy. CFR has a couple of posts on this too; one on the US moves, and another on China.
  • Me in the Nikkei Asian Review on Asia's new era of confrontation, and in Melbourne's Herald Sun on Australians' knowledge of foreign leaders.
  • Recently I had a chance to re-watch Patton, featuring George C Scott's towering portrayal of the US Army's 'magnificent anachronism', GEN George S Patton. True, Patton had a peripheral role in the 6 June D Day landings, but on this day of commemoration, there are worse movies to revisit:

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