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Thursday 22 Feb 2018 | 00:40 | SYDNEY
Thursday 22 Feb 2018 | 00:40 | SYDNEY

Guess who\'s on YouTube?



6 January 2011 13:32

I've been meaning to write another post on e-diplomacy for a while now, and I've been prompted into action by the launch of Foreign Minister Rudd's YouTube channel. This follows hot on the heels of DFAT's very own YouTube channel, launched on 16 December. Hopefully it's the start of a lot more experimentation.

In other news, the e-diplomacy mothership (aka the US State Department) has issued its first Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review (QDDR), which has a number of entries on 21st century statecraft and e-diplomacy.

I found the emphasis on public-private partnerships interesting. The State Department is exploring ways to engage American business, civil society and individuals to tackle foreign policy challenges. One example is 'mWomen', which aims to 'promote the use of mobile technology to advance gender equality and development outcomes', among other things.

Another interesting point in the QDDR, in light of DFAT's own recent efforts, is this commitment to equip all US diplomats with the essential tools that 21st century diplomats need:

For our personnel to engage with publics, citizens, groups, or corporations they must have modern tools of communication and connectivity.  Today, engagement with foreign publics is increasingly virtual—whether on email or Twitter, Facebook or Flickr....Through the QDDR, we have set a goal of ensuring that all State Department employees serving in locations where personal digital assistants can be used are provided with this technology by FY2012.

In other news:

  • the US Embassy in Jakarta's Facebook page has passed 300,000 fans;
  • UK Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and e-diplomat William Hague will be speaking at the Lowy Institute on 19 January (although not on e-diplomacy); and
  • the NY Times looks at what happens to our e-profiles when we die.

Photo by Flickr user Rego - dfu.hu.

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