Following his address at the Lowy Institute last Friday (podcast & video), Human Rights Executive Director Ken Roth sat down with the Lowy Institute's Michael Fullilove for a quick discussion on what Australia could achieve in its two-year term on the UNSC. 

Roth offers practical and sage advice for Australia to avoid the risk of 'shuffling papers and keeping the seat warm for two years'. Australia should 'choose a priority and run with it intensely' (0:26).

On Australia's efforts to further human rights, Roth gives a relatively positive report (citing Australia's work in North Korea and Burma), but he singles out China and Sri Lanka as places 'where Australia has been most disappointing' (1:55).

On China, Roth suggests Australia must 'multilaterise' with like-minded governments to progress a human rights agenda. Roth advocates for Australian diplomacy to be targeted directly at the Chinese people through expanding social media networks like Weibo, rather than with the foreign ministry (2:02). 

Stay tuned for a second video with Ken Roth on human rights and military drones.