Saturday 16 Feb 2019 | 05:38 | SYDNEY
Saturday 16 Feb 2019 | 05:38 | SYDNEY

India links: Labour reform, India-Japan, economic recovery, #RiceBucketChallenge and more



29 August 2014 08:24

  • Is labour market reform really crucial to reviving India's manufacturing sector? Pranab Bardhan doesn't think so.
  • Shamika Ravi argues that rather than being reinvented or restructured, India's Planning Commission should be replaced with an independent think tank.
  • Is India's economy starting to recover?
  • Prime Minister Modi is off to meet Shinzo Abe in Japan next week, marking the occasion by sending a series of tweets in Japanese. Here are seven things to watch out for during his visit.
  • India has started its own alternative to the ice bucket challenge: the rice bucket challenge.
  • Why India needs an opposition leader.
  • In this NBR interview, Nilanthi Samaranayake reflects on the Modi Government's engagement with South Asia.
  • Raja Mohan and Rory Medcalf argue that the ability to build flexible Asian coalitions should become a critical element of India's strategy.
  • Check out the trailer for the crowdfunded documentary film Driving with Selvi, which follows the story of South India's first female taxi driver.

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