Sunday 24 Feb 2019 | 01:40 | SYDNEY
Sunday 24 Feb 2019 | 01:40 | SYDNEY

India links: Modi in Australia, emerging markets, slavery, Myanmar, Mickey in Mumbai and more



21 November 2014 08:00

  • The big news this week was Modi's visit to Australia, the first of any Indian prime minister in 28 years. The Age has an editorial on the new maturity in Australia-India ties, Pradeep Taneja looks at what the visit means for the broader bilateral relationship and P Vaidyanathan Iyer argues that the Australia-India Security Framework reveals a lot about Canberra's strategic choices in the face of a rising China.
  • How Modi's trip to Myanmar for the India-ASEAN and East Asia summits presented an opportunity to rebuild historic connections.
  • Why is India doing better than most emerging markets?
  • The 2014 Global Slavery Index was released this week, revealing India has the highest number of slaves in the world, though it ranks fifth in terms of a percentage per capita.
  • Rajiv Kumar looks at what Modi must do at home to meet the global expectations for his Government.
  • What happened when Jokowi and Modi met in Myanmar?
  • Abhijit Singh looks at the emerging Australia-India maritime relationship.
  • On the 86th anniversary of Mickey and Minnie Mouse's TV debut, Disney has sent Mickey on an auto-rickshaw journey across India:

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