Danielle Rajendram is a Research Associate in the Lowy Institute's International Security Program.

Today the Lowy Institute, in partnership with the Australia India Institute, has released the results of a nationally representative opinion poll on Indian attitudes towards their future in the world.

The India Poll 2013 reveals surprising optimism about India's medium-term economic prospects, strong support for democratic rights and deep awareness of the level and impact of corruption in India. The poll also reveals wariness towards India's close neighbours: 94% of Indians see Pakistan as a security threat and 83% see China as a security threat. Ahead of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's visit to India this week, the poll reveals that 63% of Indians would like relations with China to strengthen.

In this short video, poll author and Director of the Lowy Institute's International Security Program Rory Medcalf discusses the findings with Lowy Institute Strategic Communications Manager Stephanie Dunstan. Rory talks about perceived security threats (1:01), concerns about Pakistan (1:49) and China (1:59), and notes that Indians feel more warmly about the US than any other country (2:14).

'Indians have high expectations for their foreign policy, and I suspect that their expectations are much higher than the very small Indian foreign ministry can actually meet', says Rory (2:34).