By David Schaefer, an intern in the Lowy Institute's International Security program.The Indo-Pacific is a strategic system encompassing the Indian and Pacific oceans, reflecting the expanding interests and reach of China and India as well as the enduring role of the US. The Lowy Institute's International Security program presents a weekly selection of links illuminating the changing security picture in this increasingly connected super-region.

  • Citing surveillance imagery, Clint Richards warns that North Korea may soon be in possession of intercontinental ballistic missiles.
  • China has recently been conducting 'anti-missile tests', but there is suspicion this is just a cover for more satellite-killing weaponry.
  • With so much talk of military capabilities and diplomatic friction, have we seen the end of China's 'charm offensive'?
  • Given the enlarged role for special operations forces in US defence posture, RAND has a video presentation which argues that an American offer to China to jointly train with its  special operations units could resonate with the People's Liberation Army.
  • In Japan, American defence manufacturers increasingly perceive a lucrative market for drone sales.
  • Following a visit from US Secretary of State John Kerry to India, the Hindustan Times reports that an intelligence sharing pact between the two countries is on the table for discussion.
  • Bucking the trend towards sanctioning Moscow, the Indian Navy is edging closer to acquiring Russian submarines while New Delhi's ambitious plans for developing more vessels are delayed.

The Lowy Institute International Security Program's work on Indo-Pacific security is supported by two grants from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation