By David Schaefer, an intern in the Lowy Institute's International Security program.The Indo-Pacific is a strategic system encompassing the Indian and Pacific oceans, reflecting the expanding interests and reach of China and India as well as the enduring role of the US. The Lowy Institute's International Security program presents a weekly selection of links illuminating the changing security picture in this increasingly connected super-region.

  • According to the Jakarta Post, incoming President Joko Widodo is considering one Indonesian parliamentarian has proposed replacing the military officials who run Indonesia's intelligence agency with civilian professionals.
  • Alexander Sullivan from CNAS looks at Singapore's defence posture and flags the role of unmanned technology in making up for the city-state's manpower shortage.
  • Rory Medcalf and Raja Mohan suggest that India-Australia ties could form the basis of an emerging Asian middle power coalition.
  • Before playing host to Australia's Prime Minister this week, Narendra Modi visited Japan and received a notably warm welcome.
  • After a surprisingly long term by Japanese standards, Shinzo Abe has re-shuffled his Cabinet. The Economist warns that the result could further complicate Tokyo's relations with its neighbours.
  • Politics may be driving Abe's outreach to North Korea, as the Hermit Kingdom is holding ransom a number of abducted Japanese citizens who the Prime Minister is keen to see released ahead of elections.
  • Hewlett Packard has released a report detailing Pyongyang's cyber warfare capabilities.
  • With China expanding its submarine base in the South China Sea, and the US interested in conducting surveillance of the area, Reuters cites military experts who predict more aerial disputes in the future.
  • After a well-publicised testing failure last week in the US, Arms Control Wonk has a podcast which discusses the role of hypersonic weaponry in the US-China relationship.

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