American journalists and commentator Joshua Foust has been a prominent and somewhat contrarian voice among the journalistic community in regard to the Edward Snowden leaks.

Foust recently described the Snowden leaks as a 'systematic attack on the US intelligence community', and that's where our interview begins. Foust argues that The Guardian's approach to the Snowden leaks quickly went beyond a concern with revealing abuses of privacy and has now come to resemble a redefining of all intelligence collection as abusive. He calls The Guardian's reporting irresponsible and calls out the hypocrisy of the French and German governments for their criticism of US intelligence agencies, as they have each been caught engaging in similar behaviour to in the past.

Also interesting are Foust's comments on whether the US intelligence community, and 'Five Eyes' allies such as the UK and Australia, need to do more to protect themselves against future Snowdens. Not necessarily, says Foust.