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Sunday 18 Feb 2018 | 17:43 | SYDNEY
Sunday 18 Feb 2018 | 17:43 | SYDNEY

Israel's Pacific charm offensive



22 January 2010 10:58

My colleague Jenny Hayward-Jones and I have written previously about Iran's attempts to influence and reward the Solomon Islands for its UN votes. But Pacific micro-states' voting patterns are of equal if not greater interest to Israel.

This week the presidents, foreign ministers and ambassadors of the Federated States of Micronesia and Nauru are enjoying a week-long state visit to Israel. The Presidents of Palau and the Marshall Islands were unable to make the trip, unfortunately. All are noted supporters of Israel in the UN, even if the average Israeli is not sure why. Still, a vote's a vote. 

The Solomon Islands wasn't invited, likely because of the Government's decision to vote in the UN in favour of accepting the Goldstone Report, which was critical of Israeli actions during the conduct of Operation Cast Lead in Gaza.

Photo by Flickr user thejcgerm, used under a Creative Commons license.

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