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Wednesday 21 Feb 2018 | 07:51 | SYDNEY
Wednesday 21 Feb 2018 | 07:51 | SYDNEY

I've got a bad feeling about Oliver Stone's latest



30 July 2008 10:37

Earlier this week, Sam linked to the first preview of Oliver Stone’s new biopic on George Bush, titled simply ‘W.’ I shouldn’t prejudge a film from its trailer but on the face of it, this looks like it will be on a par with its boring, convoluted and wildly inaccurate precursor, JFK. One thing that makes it difficult to take this flick seriously is that the lead actor, Josh Brolin, looks less like George Bush than Will Ferrell doing George Bush.

Truly, Oliver Stone gives a bad name to Bush-bashing. (Although I guess it is unfair to expect good political judgment of a fellow who regards the FARC as ‘heroic’.)

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