Ministry of Harmony reports on a troubling development for China-US relations:

In what is being described as a clear indication of shifting global power dynamics, Chinese President Xi Jinping has reportedly stopped replying to U.S. President Barack Obama’s text messages in a timely fashion, and sometimes does not reply at all.

Sources close to President Obama say he checks his phone obsessively for a courteous, albeit hours-late reply from his Chinese counterpart.

“It’s really sad to see him sit there, waiting for even just a smiley face or a ‘hahaha,’” said an advisor who wished to remain anonymous.

Experts believe that by leaving Obama hanging, Xi is causing the U.S. president to doubt his self-worth and the amount of respect he commands in bilateral ties, putting him in a desperate position that can be exploited with just the smallest of “olive-branch text replies.”

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.