Friday 23 Feb 2018 | 17:27 | SYDNEY
Friday 23 Feb 2018 | 17:27 | SYDNEY

Livre blanc: France's defence white paper



18 June 2008 10:11

Media coverage of France's newly released Defence White Paper focuses heavily on the decision to return to NATO's command structure. Of the coverage I've seen, Only World Politics Review talks about 'the prominence of Asia as a strategic focus of interest' in the document:

The document doesn't make a case for intervention so much as careful management, calling for the West to take a greater interest in stabilization of region. It makes mention of the continent's three nuclear powers, three major unresolved crises (Korean Peninsula, Taiwan Straits and Kashmir), and the lack of any real regional, multilateral security instrument.

That last bit will be music to the ears of Mr Rudd, who needs all the support he can muster for his Asia Pacific Community initiative. I might have more to say on this White Paper when I can read the actual document, but for now, although this link takes you to a French Defence Ministry page dedicated to the English-language version of the White Paper, at time of writing, the page is empty.

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