Monday 26 Feb 2018 | 03:13 | SYDNEY
Monday 26 Feb 2018 | 03:13 | SYDNEY

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10 December 2010 12:09

  • The image above is of USS Carl Vinson taking fuel during transit of the Pacific. The carrier is bound for the western Pacific, but where exactly' According to the appended notes to the Flickr photo, Carl Vinson and its Carrier Strike Group are conducting a three-week 'COMPUTEX' exercise en route. But this kind of training normally precedes deployments. So, while this is clearly a scheduled deployment, it may have been brought forward by some 3-5 weeks. Is this designed to put two carriers into the western Pacific simultaneously'
  • Fellow naval blogger Raymond Pritchett at Information Dissemination has an interesting chain of comments here regarding the US Navy's controversial Littoral Combat Ship program.
  • We've posted before on the developing Chinese aircraft carrier. But India is getting an ex-Russian carrier too. Here is a look at the ex-Gorshkov, now Vikramaditya, to be delivered to the Indian Navy in 2012.
  • UK Defence Cuts: Sandy Woodward, of Falklands War fame, enters the fray. Related, rumours abound that the UK Royal Navy's future frigate program (the Type 26) is under scrutiny for drastic cost cutting in the design phase.
  • See here for a very different use of an aircraft carrier's flight deck.
  • The Navy in Canada is embroiled in a name change controversy. Maritime Command is about to become the Royal Canadian Navy (or just 'Canadian Navy''). I was present this year in Esquimalt, during the Centenary celebrations, when the Canadian Navy reintroduced the 'executive curl’ to its uniforms. Is there some kind of monarchist reinvigoration bubbling away in Canada'
  • Has North Korea developed undersea nuclear weapons' Any potential undersea mine is a nuisance and a cost-effective deterrent; a nuclear mine takes this to a new level. For a nation that may be struggling to miniaturise nuclear weapons to enable missile delivery, nuclear mines offer a viable platform. What about torpedoes' Given the need to miniaturise in a similar fashion to missile delivery systems, perhaps not.
  • New Zealand's new offshore patrol vessels are suffering teething problems.
  • Here in Australia, it appears Cairns is trying to muscle in on the funds for port development at Townsville, designed to accommodate the new Canberra Class LHDs.

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