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Saturday 23 Mar 2019 | 03:52 | SYDNEY
Saturday 23 Mar 2019 | 03:52 | SYDNEY

Migration and border policy links: ASIO on refugees, Cyclone Mora, US foreign workers and more

Queueing for cash relief in the Noakhali district, Bangladesh, in the wake of Cyclone Mora (Photo: Flickr/Climate Centre)



1 June 2017 12:23

  • Cyclone Mora has caused extensive displacement in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India and Myanmar and destroyed some Rohingya refugee camps in the region.
  • In response to assertions made by Senator Hanson during last week’s estimates hearing in the Australian Senate, ASIO Chief Duncan Lewis has said there is no link between refugee status and terrorism.
  • The Kaldor Centre’s Sangeetha Pillai considers the recent case of Plaintiff M96A/2016 v Commonwealth and the constitutional limits of mandatory immigration detention in Australia.
  • Writing for Border Criminologies, Mayaan Ravid argues that border control in ethno-national states can be used to predict policy development in civic-national states.
  • To assist current Global Compact consultation, the International Organization for Migration has put together a paper reviewing past global migration initiatives, pointing to areas of convergence and tension.
  • Writing for the BBC, Katie Beck discusses the reasons behind - and implications of - the growth in the investment citizenship industry.
  • Read Claire Felter’s CFR Backgrounder on US foreign worker programs.
  • The Northern Institute’s Dr Andrew Taylor unpacks population trends in Northern Australia, noting the impact of ineffective migration policy.
  • In collaboration with University of Hamburg academics, Greenpeace Germany has published a report on the relationship between climate change, environmental degradation and migration.
  • On 8 June in Sydney, the Kaldor Centre and King and Wood Mallesons are co-hosting a panel discussion on the nexus between displacement, environmental disasters and climate change. Panellists include Professor Jane McAdam and Dr Brooke Wilmsen.


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