Thursday 17 Jan 2019 | 04:24 | SYDNEY
Thursday 17 Jan 2019 | 04:24 | SYDNEY

Migration and Border Policy links: Britain’s impossible target, Sth Korea’s policy,‘genuine refugees’ and more

Migrants and asylum seekers on the deck of a Spanish rescue vessel in the Mediterranean, February 2017 (Photo: Getty Images/David Ramos)


2 March 2017 17:37

By Rachael Buckland, an intern with the Lowy Institute's Migration and Border Policy program.

  • Murdoch University's Mary Anne Kenny explains who is considered a 'genuine refugee' under Australian law.
  • Australia's Department of Immigration and Border Protection announced a cut in the length of time asylum seekers have to apply for protection visas.
  • Human Rights Watch's Bill Frelik questioned the UN's role in facilitating voluntary refugee repatriation programs to nations still grappling with instability.
  • International weekly journal of science Nature published a human migration special. Read it here.
  • The Economist explains the impossibility of Britain's net migration target.
  • Writing for the International Migration Institute, Geraldine Adiku discussed the phenomenon of undocumented tax-paying migrants living in the United Kingdom.
  • Writing for the Border Criminologies blog, the Office of the Council of Europe Commissioner's Nikolaos Sitaropoulos discussed the structural changes needed in Greece to eradicate poor treatment of those seeking asylum and comply with international human rights law standards.
  • University of Leicester's Roxanna Dehaghani unpacked the growing practice of conducting age assessments on unaccompanied children seeking asylum.
  • The Migration Policy Institute (MPI) released two reports today on the role of European cities and the experiences of new arrivals. The first analyses the barriers cities face in supporting education and training programs. The second discusses obstacles to labour market integration.
  • The Kaldor Centre's Adrienne Anderson considered the impact the Paposhvili v Belgium judgment will have on the application of Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights in removal medical cases.
  • Writing for MPI, Young-bum Park reflected on the motivations and institutions driving South Korea's changing migration policy.
  • Which countries host the most refugees, via UNHCR:


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