By Rachael Buckland, an intern with the Lowy Institute's Migration and Border Policy Project.

  • The Kaldor Centre’s Professor Jane McAdam considers the human impact of and the responses needed for climate-induced migration.
  • UNHCR reports have revealed that only one in four refugees met their basic needs in 2015.
  • Listen to IMI’s Jane Freedman analyse the refugee crisis from a gendered perspective.
  • Weeks after an MPI report stressed the need for a 'whole-of-society approach' to new waves of migration in Europe, Meghan Benton discusses the role of new actors supporting refugees, and implications of their involvement.
  • Writing for Foreign Affairs, Tania Karas examines 2016 Greece in light of recent comparisons to Nauru.
  • UNCHR released its updated 10-point plan to assist those formulating and evaluating migration policy.
  • MPI unpacks the underutilisation of immigrant skill in the US.
  • Development partners, experts and senior Pacific island government officials from nine nations are currently meeting to discuss climate change migration, displacement, roles and responsibilities in the region.
  • After a visit to Rakhine state in Myanmar, former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan pointedly did not use the word genocide to describe treatment of the nation’s Rohingya minority.
  • Following criticism from Prime Minister Najib Razak, Myanmar has banned movement of Rohingya workers to Malaysia.
  • Amnesty International has criticised Turkish authorities for measures taken against the predominantly Kurdish population in Sur, in Turkey’s southeast.
  • Watch former president of Ireland and former UN Human Rights Commissioner Mary Robinson speak of the nexus between climate change, displacement and justice at 107th IOM Council.