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Wednesday 12 Dec 2018 | 19:20 | SYDNEY
Wednesday 12 Dec 2018 | 19:20 | SYDNEY

Migration and Border Policy links: Filipino domestic workers, the UN migration compact, the Australian budget and more

Refugee exhibit at the Newseum, Washington DC (Photo: Flickr/Elvert Barnes)



11 May 2017 15:31

  • The Australian Federal Budget handed down this week shows the Department of Immigration expects to cut 245 full time jobs and spend $60 million to enhance biometric capabilities.
  • Read the Kaldor Centre’s take on what the 2017-1018 Budget means for Australian refugee policy. 
  • Consultation on the UN's Global Compact on Migration began this week. Watch the 1st informal thematic session here.
  • International Migration Institute’s (IMI) Laura Stielike has published a working paper critiquing the relationship between migration and development.
  • In The New York Times, Ruth Margalit discusses the experiences of Filipino domestic workers in Israel.
  • Writing for Oxford University’s Migration Observatory, Dr Carlos Vargas-Silva and Robert McNeil track net migration policy in the lead up to the UK election.
  • The American Immigration Council has released a report detailing the costs of expedited deportation of asylum seekers.
  • Daniel Fisher examines the securitisation of the Morocco-Spain border in this post on Border Criminologies.
  • A recent European Court of Justice decision has raised questions about a derived right of residence for non-EU parents in relation to their EU citizen children.
  • Writing for IMI, Dr Emre Eren Korkmaz examines the potential costs of modern visa regimes.

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