By Daniel Thambar, an intern with the Lowy Institute’s Migration and Border Policy Project.

  • The Migration Policy Institute (MPI) has published a fact-sheet on President Trump’s executive order on immigration, which outlines the key provisions of the order and compares them to past and present policy and practice.
  • Elizabeth Collett explores some of the difficulties faced by the EU in negotiating new migration partnerships with North African countries.
  • Professor Robert Barsky reviews Reece Jones’ new book, Violent Borders: Refugees and the Right to Move.
  • UK Prime Minister Theresa May recently announced that Britain would help support the resettlement of refugees who arrive in Europe to Latin America and Asia. Tom Vickers analyses why this arrangement is problematic. 
  • Andriani Fili and Virginia Xythali, writing for the University of Oxford’s Law Blog, take a closer look at the plight of unaccompanied minors in Greece.
  • The International Organisation for Migration (IOM), the UN’s Migration Agency, released its regional strategy for the Middle East and North Africa for the next four years.
  • The Turkey hackathon: find out how refugees, computer programmers and graphic designers are joining forces to develop innovative solutions for refugee challenges.
  • European leaders met in Malta to focus their efforts on tackling the migration crisis. IOM and the UNHCR issued a joint statement ahead of the meeting.
  • Indermit Gill, writing for the Brookings Institution, looks at perceptions on immigration, compares these with research findings, and then outlines what lessons we can learn from the gap between perception and reality.