Sunday 25 Feb 2018 | 05:27 | SYDNEY
Sunday 25 Feb 2018 | 05:27 | SYDNEY

Monday linkage



31 August 2009 12:27

  • Arms Control Wonk says that, contrary to media reports like the one we carried, Iran's uranium centrifuge program is not slowing down.
  • Obama called the Afghan election 'an important step forward'. But fraud allegations are rife and perhaps only 35% of voters turned out.
  • Deflation in Thailand?
  • New ASIO headquarters: the SMH had a good story over the weekend about the secret policemen's hall.
  • Forbes alleges Ted Kennedy offered the Soviets help in dealing with Reagan if Moscow would help him beat Reagan in the 1984 election. Nancy Reagan, meanwhile, says Ron and Ted were close.
  • This has to be seen to be believed. It's Glenn Beck, FOX News' rising personality, in full demagogue mode, which evidently impairs his ability to spell.*

* I need no such excuse, having just corrected a misspelling of 'impairs'. I recently got 'existentialism' wrong too. Thanks to vigilant readers for keeping me honest.

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