I guess any mainstream Australian film about a distant and exotic country is going to lean on the odd cliché or stereotype about that place. How else do you make the movie feel accessible to a broad audience that knows very little about the country in which your story is set?

That's a generous way of interpreting the Bollywood references and 'Delhi belly' scene in this trailer for the new Australian comedy Save Your Legs, about a bunch of suburban cricketers who tour India. Still, the trailer suggests that Save Your Legs takes a generous attitude towards India, and might encourage a few Australians to open their minds to the country.

Save Your Legs opens on 28 February. I can't wait to read the Indian reviews.

(Incidentally, 'Save your legs' is a cricketing expression used to denote a good shot — as in, 'no need to run, it's going to the boundary'.)