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Wednesday 19 Dec 2018 | 14:30 | SYDNEY
Wednesday 19 Dec 2018 | 14:30 | SYDNEY

A new look for The Interpreter



9 September 2013 16:57

In coming days we'll be launching a facelift for The Interpreter that updates our look and adds some new functions.

Probably the most important change for the user is that The Interpreter will now scale automatically and neatly for tablets and smartphones. At the moment, about 75% of you are reading this site at your desk, with 15% on smartphones and the rest on tablets. But the smartphone and tablet figures have grown by over 130% and 80% respectively since last year, so that growing group of readers will get a much clearer and less cluttered experience soon.

A little while after we launch the new look, we'll also be adding a comments feature to the site, which we'll tell you more about closer to the time.

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