Monday 26 Feb 2018 | 14:30 | SYDNEY
Monday 26 Feb 2018 | 14:30 | SYDNEY

Nuclear linkage



26 July 2010 12:33

  • Suspicions over Myanmar’s alleged nuclear program continue, with some now suggesting it is seeking a laser enrichment capability, ruling out North Korean assistance and pointing the finger at China or Russia. 
  • Meanwhile in the US, laser enrichment (developed at Lucas Heights by Australian company Silex) is taking its first steps toward a full scale commercial plant, with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission giving the plant environmental approval, the first of many hurdles during its 30 month approval process.
  • Following up on an NPT Review Conference promise to kick start the Conference on Disarmament (CD), UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon will meet with ministers at the General Assembly session in September. Movement out of the CD’s dozen-year deadlock will be a test of whether the past six months’ flurry of nuclear activity has really created a consensus in favour of change.
  • Deepti Choubey from Carnegie has a very balanced evaluation of the outcome of the May NPT Review Conference, rightly pointing out that the NPT is ‘not a panacea to cure all that ails the nonproliferation regime’ though she puts forward a good case for what it can cure or contribute to curing.
  • Matthew Kroenig’s book Exporting the Bomb is now out. It takes a fresh and innovative look at transfers of sensitive nuclear technologies by focusing on why states sell them rather than  buy them. A taste of Kroenig’s work was published earlier in the American Political Science Review and his book was reviewed in the June edition of Arms Control Today.

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