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Wednesday 21 Feb 2018 | 00:10 | SYDNEY
Wednesday 21 Feb 2018 | 00:10 | SYDNEY

Obama's acceptance speech



5 November 2008 15:28

This may be horribly unkind, but although Obama went out of his way to say that the election was not about him, it did sound awfully as if he was saying that his ascent to the presidency represented the culmination of American progress since the abolition of slavery. I'll have to read the transcript to see whether that is a fair reading, but that was my immediate impression.

If you're interested, I'll be on JJJ's Hack program at 5.30pm tonight, Sydney time, to talk about what all this means for Australia.

UPDATE: I should add that the speech overall had the requisite tone of national reconciliation and determination to tackle the work ahead. It's just that sometimes with Obama, you get the impression that although he knows he has to appear humble, humility doesn't come naturally to him.

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