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Sunday 20 Aug 2017 | 03:13 | SYDNEY
Sunday 20 Aug 2017 | 03:13 | SYDNEY

Only one (and a half) BRICs in the wall



4 November 2009 06:04

If you look at the share of world GDP for the four BRICs over the past two decades (1989-2009) you see that China's share has gone up dramatically. India's share has also risen, but not by anywhere near as much. Russia's has fallen noticeably, although since recovered a bit, and Brazil’s is virtually flat (actually, also down a little). So the BRIC story is really a story about China and more recently India:

OK, this is cheating a bit, since the BRIC story is supposed to be forward looking and this is back-checking the data. But it’s still quite striking.

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