Keep up with what has been happening in the Pacific island region with our  selected links.

  • As the 17 September election draws closer, political observers and commentators are thinking about what needs to come next to re-establish democracy in Fiji.
  • Meanwhile, in a  recent Interpreter post, Alex Stewart asserts that in diplomatic terms Fiji has outsmarted Australia.
  • Incoming president of Indonesia Joko Widodo has promised to give more attention to West Papua, but will building a presidential palace there be enough?
  • On the Devpolicy blog, Jonathan Pryke examines why Melanesians are under-represented in Australian communities of Pacific island descent.
  • Giff Johnson revisits his concerns about the proliferation of regional meetings and highlights the ongoing tension between regional rhetoric and national service delivery.
  • Management of the region's fisheries is vital for sustainable development and food security. How does the 'Parties to the Nauru Agreement' grouping influence this?
  • The forthcoming G20 summit in Brisbane has received no attention in the region. Australia's 'Special Representative' recently visited Suva and Noumea to discuss why this gathering is important for the Pacific.
  • Next week the international community will gather in Apia, Samoa for the third International Conference on Small Island Developing States: