Late yesterday I talked with Lowy Institute East Asia Research Fellow Aaron Connelly about the Chan-Sukumaran case.

Aaron is pretty unsparing about talk of a so-called Bali boycott: he says its an empty threat because Bali gets plenty of tourist traffic from elsewhere. But it is nevertheless dangerous — when foreigners threaten Indonesia, it just causes Indonesians to close ranks. Still, Aaron points out that there has been some domestic pressure in recent years to remove the death penalty from drugs cases, though that progress is obviously now being reversed.

NB: Since the interview was recorded, events have moved on a little, and we know that the two men are not being moved to the execution site imminently, as I say in my opening question. The ABC reports that the executions will almost certainly not occur this month.

NB2: Aaron tells me there are 64 drug offenders on death row in Indonesia, not 60 as he states in the interview.