Garth Luke from World Vision Australia writes:

Thanks for your useful posts on aid. I had a read of the Maxwell article which you quote and I don't think I would characterise it as you have below:

"In one of these contributions, the ODI’s Simon Maxwell considers how development ministries should change. One option he considers is merging development ministries back into ministries of foreign affairs, as has just happened in Australia. The other he considers much riskier: refocusing the work of development ministries on global issues, with a remit to work across government."

Doesn't he associate at least as much risk with the first option?

RESPONSE FROM JENNY HAYWARD-JONES: Although the weekly Aid & Development Links go out under the name of one author (in this case Philippa Brant), they are compiled by a group of Lowy Institute research staff, and the paragraph quoted by Garth was written by me.

I'm happy to acknowledge the error. I erred in my representation of Maxwell's article and agree Maxwell associated high risk with the first option (merging development ministries into ministries of foreign affairs) as well as the second.