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Wednesday 21 Feb 2018 | 10:37 | SYDNEY
Wednesday 21 Feb 2018 | 10:37 | SYDNEY

Reader riposte: Americanisation



28 July 2011 11:34

In response to Sam's post about the Americanisation of Australian place-names, Pete Speer writes of how Americans view Australia:

We see in your country an earlier version of us; and some of us hope for a better ending for you. Californians view Bondi as a magical place which most will never see. Americans see — or think they do — in the people an energy, a curiosity and a sense of innocence which we may have lost.

Do not Gothamize the country, for God's sake, for Batman was only a fictional creature to cure the public corruption. 

And congrats to Cadel, may he win seven more and may he never lose the ability to tear up at the sound of the anthem.