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Thursday 22 Feb 2018 | 14:28 | SYDNEY
Thursday 22 Feb 2018 | 14:28 | SYDNEY

Reader riposte: Assange\'s motives (4)



8 December 2010 14:00

Stephen Collins writes:

I have to take issue with Sam's description of Julian Assange in 'anarchist' terms. While I don't know him, I have followed his work for some time.

I think, counter to Sam's description, Assange is very much interested in government and governance, though very much in a form different to what we've seen before. Like me, Assange would prefer a profoundly more open form of government at all levels, where the polity and the populace are a part of an informed (self- and by government) public sphere actively participating in the process of government through a participatory process that allows for greater openness, information flows and honesty.

There's no argument that such a change would be profound and difficult (if not near-impossible), but many of the very people crying foul with respect to Assange's actions are those that state they are interested in open, transparent government. It appears to me that their views are only that when it suits them, however.

Note, I write this from my own, professional, comms/policy/open government wonk POV as well as with my Electronic Frontiers Australia hat on.

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